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Great Stuff! Reminds me a little of Nick Denboer's stuff. I had to laugh because you look a little bit like my Nephew! The plane full of your clones even got a chuckle out of my wife. And she doesn't laugh at anything! :D

really well done! Made me smile. Great animation and awesome lyrics!

Great stuff!

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Can't play it. I get this message that says too much memory is required.

DanielDorey responds:

Thanks for the feed-back.
I wonder how many others have had the same problem.

I have to agree with shadreesden.

You also should be a tad bit more respectful of reviewers that are making valid and constructive critiques of your games.

I feel like a lot of the items weren't evident. (The quarter in the theater that you had to peck around and find) The bad guy never showed up and the ending just fell flat.
It's not that I was expecting the best ending ever, Most of these factory made games are pumped out 3 a month to get more ads.

The other reviewers are right. Some of the puzzles didn't make a whole lot of sense and buttons and things you had to click were either too small or just overly complicated ( The truck puzzle for example on this one. I had to go back and forth between screens a few times.)

Excellent game! Good graphics, nice concept and good music!

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The perfect blend of gospel and whatever Drop dead music is. Toe tapping Macabre!

incredibly catchy

I liked the game alot and part of the reason was the music! awesome job!

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Digital Style!

Excellent work! I don't know why, but I feel addicted to this series as of lately.

G3no responds:

me too, mystery mixed with fucked up-ness has always been a thing of mine

Except, you didn't make this. This is just a grab from a sprite site.

Very interesting. Combines a sort of cubism with bright vibrant colors. Very nice.

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